With over 20 years of architectural design and construction experience, Wexford Custom Homes & Renovations, Inc. is leading the field in creating innovative solutions for your home renovation needs. Through unmatched professionalism, we succeed in fostering relationships with our clients based on trust and clear communication. Once you agree with all design plans, material selections, and contracts, Wexford Custom Homes & Renovations, Inc. works tirelessly to complete the home of your dreams on time and within budget! This combination of integrity and endless creativity has put Wexford Custom Homes & Renovations, Inc. miles ahead of the competition in making your home renovation dreams a reality.

Building History

Wexford Custom Homes & Renovations was founded in 2003 by Francis Merrigan and Jeff Glaser in beautiful Madison, New Jersey. Starting out with over 40 years of combined experience in architectural design and construction management, Francis & Jeff saw a unique opportunity to join their talents, thus creating a completely unique and innovative home building and renovation experience.

Francis Merrigan immigrated to the United States from Wexford, Ireland in 1990 with his wife Mandy. Today, his rich heritage and family ties are seen in his design and management style which has kept Wexford Custom Homes & Renovations thriving over the years. He began his career in the U.S. as an architect, but soon realized his interest was working in the field. Creating Wexford Custom Homes & Renovations allowed Francis to keep his creative outlet as an architect while managing projects from start to finish. The drive that brought him to this country  keeps him moving forward each day in the construction world.

Jeff Glaser has been working with his hands since before he could walk. He grew up working with his father in the family garage and quickly realized skilled work in the field was where he would develop his talents. Jeff began his career as a framer where he learned the ins and outs of the business. With over 30 years of experience, Jeff started Wexford Custom Homes & Renovations with Francis. This united Francis's architectural and design expertise with Jeff's extensive knowledge of field-based skill work, resulting in Wexford Custom Homes & Renovations, a well-rounded general contracting company you can rely on.

At Wexford Custom Homes & Renovations, we pride ourselves on working closely with clients to provide exceptional designs, skilled labor, and unique results. We strive to satisfy the clients every need and finish the job properly and efficiently.